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Pagliacci / Tonio / Opera Omaha “Todd Thomas gave a commanding performance as the vindictive Tonio. The baritone displayed his vocal versatility in the opening prologue, breaking the fourth wall and drawing the audience into the story before the curtain rises. Tonio is a complex character, and Thomas’ dramatic portrayal was nuanced, prompting both pity […]

Star Gazette

Soloist / Orchestra of the Southern Finger Lakes “‘Beyond beautiful’ is the best way I can describe the May 6 concert of the Orchestra of the Southern Finger Lakes. The Clemens Center was the venue, but it might have been Carnegie Hall, with masterful performances by baritone Todd Thomas and tenor Daniel Bates — both successful professionals […]

Mein Anzeiger (German)

The Flying Dutchman / The Dutchman / Theatre Erfurt [TRANSLATED] “Todd Thomas sings The Dutchman and the Senta is sung by Kelly God. Both are already popular guests in Erfurt. Above all, Todd Thomas impressed the audience with his baritone voice on the premiere evening. His voice is warm and powerful, which can express both loss and longing […]

South Florida Classical Review

Un ballo in maschera / Anckarström / Florida Grand Opera “As Anckarström, Todd Thomas etched a vivid portrait of a loyal friend and husband turned traitor by jealousy and misplaced rage. “Eri tu” was the appropriate culmination of a cannily realized portrayal with Thomas’ warm and mellifluous baritone taking on just the right edge of […]

Concerto Net

Un ballo in maschera / Anckarström / Florida Grand Opera “Todd Thomas is a knockout vocally and dramatically. His famous Act 3 aria deserved the biggest ovation. He created true sympathy for this terribly confused man who struggles to find an appropriate reaction to a misinterpreted event.” Read the article >

Opera Canada

Simon Boccanegra / Simon Boccanegra / Pacific Opera Victoria “For this production, American baritone Todd Thomas sang the title role, which requires great presence: as the former pirate who becomes Doge of Genoa, he has to grieve for lost love, celebrate a new-found daughter, unite warring Senators and die with convincing slowness.  It also requires tremendous […]

Winnipeg Free Press

Falstaff / Falstaff / Manitoba Opera “He fulfilled his lumbering protagonist’s emotional trajectory, ranging from his opening declamatory Act I aria L’Onore! Ladri! to Act III’s poignant Ehi taverniere! Mondo ladro that suddenly revealed an achingly vulnerable, faded hero beneath his fleshy carapace. Thomas’ compassionate portrayal, matched by a resonant voice that is its own force […]

Winnipeg Free Press

Falstaff / Falstaff / Manitoba Opera “‘He’s great, he’s brilliant,” [Monica Huisman] enthuses. “Todd is generous, humble, kind and ridiculously talented. It’s just such an honour to share the stage with him, and not only do we get to sing together, but we get to have fun together.” The London, Ont.-based Cavanagh — another native Winnipegger […]

Times Colonist

Simon Boccanegra / Simon Boccanegra / Pacific Opera Victoria “Todd Thomas is well-cast as Simon. Blessed with a handsome baritone voice, his low register is powerful, his high notes were dispatched with a thrilling heft. And he’s an actor. Thomas’s best moments came during the council-chamber scene. Simon declares there is a traitor in their midst. […]

Vancouver Classical Music

Simon Boccanegra / Simon Boccanegra / Pacific Opera Victoria “As for the cast, Todd Thomas as the Doge was imposing in his public role, tender and nuanced in his relationship with his daughter. He was splendid in the Council Chamber scene, exhibiting real authority in its magnificent concertato, rising nobly to the challenge of international and sectarian […]